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Benefits Of Online MBA Harvard Programs Students who are looking to attend Harvard University Business School often look into obtaining an online MBA Harvard at the university. An online MBA Harvard university can be completed by students who are enrolled in the Master's of Business Administration and have been accepted. Some courses in the MBA program are available online, and students who already have a full time job or are taking a large course load may choose to take online MBA Harvard courses.

Harvard is considered to be one of the most well respected, highly recognized and internationally known universities in the world. Students who work in the business industry often work hard and already have a full time career in their field once they decide to get a business degree, so they do...
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Top 10 Questions About MBA Accelerated Programs Find the answer to your questions about an MBA accelerated program below regarding financial aid, scheduling, the application process, and available online university programs.

What is an MBA accelerated program?
An MBA accelerated program, often referred to as an Executive MBA, is a university graduate level program which offers condensed coursework for the working student.

Who should take an MBA accelerated program?
MBA accelerated programs often work best for the business professional who has to juggle a full-time job with studies. Many MBA accelerated programs require minimum business experience post undergraduate work, although many MBA accelerated programs will accept students who have just completed their undergraduate business degrees.
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ALBA Graduate Business School to Offer an MSc in Tourism Management

Athens, Greece-based ALBA Graduate Business School will launch an MSc program in Tourism Management, beginning in October. The program is designed for recent graduates, and will cover topics ranging from hospitality management to sustainability in tourism.  Full-time students can complete the program in 12 months; part-time students can complete the program in 24 months. For more information, please see the ALBA news release announcing the launch of the MSc in Tourism Management.

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